Welcome to My Insane Muscle Gain Blog. My name is Brian and I have recently made an incredible body transformation. You see, from January of 2009 to June of 2009 I was able to sucessfully pack on 25 pounds of Rock Solid Muscle Mass without having to resort to dangerous drugs and without spending a small fortune on supplements. I just busted my ass in the gym and ate like a machine during those 6 months and it truly paid off for me, but I’m not done yet! I wanted to start documenting my progress on this blog as I go forward in my quest for bigger muscles and I want to help as many others who find themselves unhappy with being skinny and weak to transform their bodies as well.

I’m originally from the Boston area, but about 7 years ago, my lovely wife and I moved to Sunny Florida, where we continue to reside.

I love bodybuilding. I love the challenge, the dedication and hard work that goes into looking and feeling my best.

I am currently focusing on being able to help others achieve their fitness goals and dreams. I hope to inspire you to become your best.

Take Care,